Pharmaceutical sales reps play a vital role in the supply chain of healthcare products, and they act as a strong link between final consumers and suppliers. Although this is a competitive profession, registering for an online pharma sales training course from a reputable institution can bring you one step closer to attaining your professional goals in this field.

Considering the lucrative nature of pharmaceutical sales, embarking on an online pharmaceutical sales training program is worth it. Drug production won’t be going into extinction any time soon. Research is ongoing to produce more drugs to help with diseases and outbreaks. This is where pharmaceutical sales reps come in – to sell the drugs to those who need them.

Thus, you need a pharma sales certification course to build a career in the pharmaceutical sales industry. After thorough analysis, we identified the top reliable online pharma sales training courses. Read on to learn more.

Key Takeaway

Pharma sales certification courses equip aspirants with the necessary skills to succeed as sales reps. These courses help you become certified and keep you on the path to building a successful pharma sales career. These courses are 100% online and self-paced, depending on the students’ availability.

Who are Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives?

Pharmaceuticals sales representatives are workers in the pharma industry saddled with the responsibility of educating healthcare providers. You can find a pharma sales rep in biotech companies working collaboratively with pharmacists and physicians.

Their principal function is to teach healthcare providers about the organization’s products. Medical devices, drugs, and equipment used in health facilities are the focus when dealing with healthcare providers.

As a pharmaceutical sales rep, you need two skill sets to excel in the industry. Interpersonal skills are a necessary asset of what a pharma sales rep needs to succeed. You need to build relationships and connect with people. The connection you build with healthcare providers and customers is what makes you a great sales rep.

The other skill required is an in-depth understanding of basic science and pharmacology. Knowing medications and their reaction in the body is an essential skill that can help you with your career. Your description of the drug mechanism builds your credibility.

Equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge separates you from your competitors. This is what an online pharma sales training course can do for you.

Best Pharma Sales Certification Courses

1.  Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA)

One of the most reputable pharma certification courses is ACMA’s course on Pharmaceutical Representative Training. Pharmaceutical companies tend to prefer applicants with certification from this institution. So, if you choose this course, you have an advantage when seeking employment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that some biotech companies require certification from ACMA specifically.

The accreditation of ACMA’s PRC program by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) makes it a well-recognized certification. One of the requirements to gain admission for this course is a bachelor’s degree.

Features of ACMA’s program

·  Convenient payment plans

·  100% online

·  Self-paced programs

·  Covers basic medical terminology

·  12 educational clock hours

2.  Medical Sales College

This college offers students invaluable knowledge in the areas of pharmacology and drugs. In addition to the pharmaceutical knowledge you will gain, you will learn all there is to know about sales. Graduates of this course also receive a highly sought after certification. Graduates have their skills refined and sharpened into what the industry requires.

Medical Sales College’s admissions process is highly competitive. Without sales experience, it won’t be easy to gain admission into this institution. You can apply for a specific course, especially if you are interested in stem cell procedures or prolotherapy.

Features of Medical Sales College

·  Job opportunities after graduation

·  Grow in your desired niche in the pharma industry

·  12 week-long program

·  Hybrid program (remote and in-person learning)

3.  CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training

CNPR’s Pharmaceutical Sales Training program is for you if you are looking for an entry-level pharma sales rep position. Through this program, you will learn everything you need to know about pharmaceutical sales and be able to meet product and regulatory industry requirements.

What makes the CNPR course unique is the access it gives to successful graduates to association career centers. Your chance of getting a job after graduation is high.

Features of CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training

·  Extensive tutoring on clinical pharmacology and medical terminology

·  Industry preferred knowledge

·  User-friendly platform

·  100% online training

4.  The University of Texas at San Antonio (USTA)

If you opt for USTA, you are subscribing to pharmaceutical sales training from an esteemed institution. This university provides you with everything you need, from fundamental knowledge to professional skills. The course takes you through the concept of drugs and their associated components. Without any doubt, you can be a certified pharma sales rep in six months.

The criteria to gain admission for this course is a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution. Also, you stand a chance if you have a minimum of two years of medical sales experience.

Features of the University of Texas at San Antonio

·  Six months of online pharma training

·  100% online course

·  Includes anatomy and physiology training

5. University of Florida Graduate Certificate

This institution offers applicants the opportunity to study a pharma-specific course. What makes this course one of the best is how it helps students expand their pharmacology knowledge. The University is accredited, so rest assured you are getting a recognized certificate. The course covers biotechnology, drug development, and other medical-related topics required.

Admission into this institution requires a bachelor’s degree from a reputable institution. Students must adhere to the deadline for submission of assignments and projects to graduate.

Features of University of Florida Graduate Certificate

·  Distinct Required Credit hour and Elective credit hours

·  Strict on deadlines and assignments

·  Self-paced program

·  100% online.


Opting for an online pharma sales training course can help you build a strong career in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of these courses require that you have a bachelor’s degree or sales experience. The choice is yours to make depending on your career preference. Regardless of your decision, the courses listed are all from highly respected and reputable institutions. You can build a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sales by registering for any of the above programs.