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Elevate Your Career with the Certified Specialty Pharmaceutical Professional (CSPP™) Program

  • Develop advanced insights and skills
  • Stand out in specialty pharmaceutical sales
  • Comprehend and convey complex medical data
  • Master professional ethics and industry codes of conduct
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Our certifications and programs meet the rigorous standards of a prestigious accrediting body, reflecting our commitment to providing high-quality, accredited learning opportunities. Enhance your professional skills with AAPR's certified educational offerings.

Why Expand Your Pharmaceutical Sales Career?

Exciting Opportunities with Deep Satisfaction

Specialty Pharma is a rapidly growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry, dealing with high-complexity and high-cost medicines that treat complex, chronic, or rare conditions.

  • Specialty pharmaceutical sales require knowledgeable representatives with an advanced understanding of complex products and their impact on patient health.
  • Building your specialty sales skills will open up an array of advanced career opportunities.
  • Improving your specialty sales skills leads to advanced career opportunities and high-paying roles. On average, reps earn six-figure salaries with generous bonuses, outpacing many other sales jobs.

The path to becoming a top-tier Certified Specialty Pharmaceutical Professional starts with enrolling in CSPP.

Become a Valued Partner to HCPs

Your work will make a positive impact on patient lives

  • Your work will directly contribute to improving patient health outcomes by communicating complex product information about new and existing treatments to specialists.
  • The CSPP program equips you with the knowledge and skills to effectively converse with specialists, making you an invaluable resource in the field.

Take the first steps toward achieving the gold standard in the pharmaceutical industry.

Reasons to Certify

CSPP graduates demonstrate their commitment to excel as a specialty sales representative in the pharmaceutical industry.
Showcase your reliability and ethical professionalism by completing the industry standard of excellence for specialty pharmaceutical sales reps.
Your colleagues, your manager, and the specialists you work with will recognize your preparedness and advanced knowledge.
Build your personal brand as an industry expert. Stand out from your peers with the CSPP credential.

Jumpstart Your Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Career!

Enroll in the industry standard specialty sales rep training program that prepares you for a high-performance career.

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Payment Options

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Monthly Payment
$533 / Mo
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is CSPP™ a certificate or certification?

CSPP is a Certification accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education / American National Standards Institute (IACET/ANSI).

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Who developed the CSPP™ content?

The CSPP content was developed with input from a variety of subject matter experts in the life sciences industry including successful sales representative trainers, healthcare professionals, and specialty pharma professionals.

Do I need to maintain my certification?

Every 2 years you are required to maintain your certification. You can do this by either (1) completing 10 hours of continuing education credits approved by the ACMA or (2) by taking the certification exam.

Do you offer payment options/plans?

Yes. The ACMA offers a flexible payment plan where you can pay in 3 easy installments of $533.

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How long does the program take to complete?

The CSPP program takes on average about 2 weeks (15 hours course time) to complete. It’s self-paced, so everyone will be different.

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CSPP Steps to Success


Bring your skills, work ethic, and commitment.


Enroll in the CSPP program and prepare for a successful career in specialty sales.


Complete the CSPP program and become certified.


Promote your achievement and step into your specialty pharma sales future.

What does a pharmaceutical sales rep career look like for you?

As a specialty sales representative, you can quickly work your way up to a six-figure salary by applying your natural skills to communicate with specialists. Specialty sales representatives get great experience visiting doctors, planning events, and collaborating with other teams to ensure the most effective communication.

You’ll have the knowledge and skills of what works best in the field.

You’ll have the fundamentals of working with physicians, patient advocates and other stakeholders.

From the field, you’ll see the challenges facing the whole healthcare system and what you can do to help.

The field representative role will give you deep insight into the challenges that patients face.

You will have the practical experience necessary to build that ladder.

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Are you ready to start a rewarding career as a Specialty Pharmaceutical Representative? Then your next step needs to be distinguishing yourself by becoming a certified Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Professional through the CSPP program.