PRC Recertification - Pharma Sales Training

Pharmaceutical Representative Certification Program

  • The Pharmaceutical Representative Certification (PRC) provides the foundation that every sales professional needs to succeed as a field-based representative of a pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical device company.
  • As a PRC certified professional, you must meet specified requirements to maintain and renew your certification every two (2) years. Maintaining your certification is essential as a professional.

Why should I recertify as a PRC™ professional?


Elevate your skills and reinforce experiences with certification


Enhance your professional growth and career prospects


Become a member of the PRC community

What are the benefits of maintaining my certification?

Specialization in a growing field

Be recognized as an expert in a growing industry.

Salary Increase

Give yourself better odds for highe pay when you earn an accredited certification tackling a tough industry.

Graduate Network

Gain opportunities to network with your pharmaceutical sales peers from across the life sciences industry.

Continuing Education

Raise the standards for your industry through accredited certifications, knowledge checks, and more.

Maintain your Certification

To maintain your certification, renew your PRC certification every two (2) years. Your certification is suspended if you do not complete one of the (2) recertification options.

Requirements for renewing your PRC certification: The PRC credential is valid for two (2) years. To keep your certification active, there are two paths:

Recertification Option 1: Complete of continuing education modules provided by the ACMA and successful quiz completion of each module

Recertification Option 2: Retake and pass the final exam

The cost for recertification is $299.99 USD.

To recertify with option 1, choose of continuing education from the following courses: (Note each course is equivalent to 2 CEs. You must choose at least 5 courses from the list below to maintain your certification).

  • Understanding Medical Information for the Sales Rep - This module will introduce you to the medical information team in medical affairs and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their role in the pharmaceutical industry. You will learn about the responsibilities of the medical information team and how MI works closely with other teams within the company, such as the clinical development team and the commercial team, to ensure that the most current and accurate information is available for use.
  • Managed Care Overview: Insurance Policies & Payment Overview - This module will introduce you to the basics of managed care, including the different types of insurance policies and payment methods commonly used in the healthcare industry. You will learn about how managed care has evolved over time and how it impacts the healthcare system today.
  • Diversity in Clinical Trial Design - This module will introduce you to the importance of diversity in clinical trial design, including the ethical, scientific, and business reasons for diversity. You will learn about the history of diversity in clinical trials, the current state of diversity, and the challenges that still exist.
  • Drug Development Process - In this module, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the drug development process and the critical stages involved. Understanding the drug development process enables pharma sales reps to have informed and productive conversations with healthcare professionals, stakeholders, and patients.
  • Communication Skills in the Life Sciences - In this module, you will learn about the essential communication skills required to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Good communication skills are essential as they help to build strong relationships with HCPs and effectively convey important information about products and services.
  • Pharmacy Mobile Apps & Resources - In this module, you will learn about the various mobile apps and resources available in the healthcare industry.

PRC™ Recertification

  • To begin your recertification, log into the ACMA online portal
  • On your dashboard you should see a PRC Recertification required banner. Or scroll down to avaliable courses and choose your recertification options.
  • Choose either course option 1 or option 2
  • Continue to payment