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Who is the ACMA?

The ACMA is an accredited organization that provides a range of services to life science companies and individual professionals. The ACMA is accredited by IACET/ANSI, the global body that grants certifying rights to businesses and organizations in every business sector. To win accreditation, an organization must undergo a thorough vetting and testing process that ensures that all personnel and processes maintain a high standard of professional excellence.

ACMA Core Team

The ACMA applies this strict adherence to high standards to all its programs and services. For Pharmaceutical Representative Certification professionals, this means that their teammates and managers as well as the physicians they work with can be confident that individuals who have completed the program have achieved a high standard of business knowledge and ethical behavior.

This fits perfectly with the ACMA’s overall goal of improving the entire healthcare system by raising the standards by which all industry stakeholders hold themselves and each other accountable.

Our Core Values

We can change the world for the better by establishing standards of excellence

We believe in doing what's right

We believe in challenging the status quo

ACMA's Global Learners Footprint

About the PRC™ Program

The Pharmaceutical Representative Certification program from ACMA is designed to put you on the best possible path to successfully enter the Pharma industry and accelerate your career path. Its bedrock commitment to raising the standard of excellence for pharmaceutical representatives is recognized across the industry. Individuals who achieve and maintain the PRC credential are accepted and trusted more by physicians and other healthcare providers.

This comprehensive, 15-module, self-paced, online program establishes a minimum level of core competencies crucial for success as a pharmaceutical sales rep. With PRC certification, you demonstrate that you’ve mastered the highest standard of knowledge through intensive study, self-assessment, and evaluation.

Why Was the PRC Created?

The PRC program grew out of the need for an accredited certification program for pharmaceutical team members who work primarily in the field to market drugs, devices and other regulated medical supplies. Beginning in the early 2000s, cities and states around the United States began to debate the value of requiring pharmaceutical representatives to be certified in order to operate in their geographical areas.

The ongoing public health disaster of the Opioid Crisis significantly increased pressure on legislators and regulators to find a solution that would improve the quality of information that physicians receive from pharma reps. These public officials turned to ACMA as a recognized authority on creating certification programs for other functions.

The ACMA team worked with legislators, regulators, pharmaceutical leaders, healthcare stakeholders and educational experts to design the Pharmaceutical Representative Certification program. The curriculum covers a broad set of principles and subject areas that every pharma sales rep needs to be both effective and ethical in their work. The ACMA team updates the curriculum on a quarterly basis to ensure that the program reflects changes in technology, medical technology, regulatory updates and other factors that impact the work of pharmaceutical reps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is PRC a certificate or certification?

PRC is a Certification accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education / American National Standards Institute (IACET/ANSI).

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Who developed the PRC content?

The PRC content was developed by over 30 subject matter experts from academia, pharmaceutical sales managers, and experts from the pharmaceutical industry.

Do I need to maintain my certification?

Every 2 years you are required to maintain your certification. You can do this by either (1) completing 10 hours of continuing education credits approved by the ACMA or (2) by taking the certification exam.

Do you offer payment options/plans?

Yes. The ACMA offers a flexible payment plan where you can pay in 3 easy installments of $383.

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Do I need prior sales experience to succeed in the PRC program?

No. Familiarity with sales may help, but the pharmaceutical representative role is more about being a good communicator and responsive partner to the physicians you work with. This, and more, is covered in the PRC program.

How long does the program take to complete?

The PRC program takes on average about approximately 2 weeks (12 hours course time) to complete. It’s self-paced, so everyone will be different.

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